We specialise in the manufacturing of cutting tools, injection moulds and die cast tools. Additionally, we fabricate extrusion nozzles and calibrations. Our modern macine park enables us to  create quality tools rapidly. For our tools we always choose high calss materials and components.

  • Design

We design our tools with modern CAD/CAM technology. The tools are designed in close cooperation with the customer. When we carry out both design and manufacturing of the tool, we can take responsibility for the whole process from planning phase to customer delivery.

  • Maintenance

Our service range includes reliable and fast mould and die maintenance.


We have installed a solar panel system on our production facility (35 kWh).

New wire EDM machine

We have invested in a new wire EDM machine –
Fanuc robocut a-1ic 550 x 370 x 310 mm

Designing and Maintenance

We design our tools with modern CAD/CAM technology. Our service range includes reliable and fast mould and die maintenance.


In 1979, Työkaluvalmistus Nisula Oy was founded. A small company, focusing on the manufacturing of injectionmolds. Operated mainly from a small garage.

In 1988 the company had outgrown the garage, and therefore it was time to construct a larger operating space. Eventhough the worksite has been expanded over the years, this industrial worksite has been the main place of operation since 1988.

During the last 15 years, Työkaluvalmistus Nisula oy, has focused mainly on Cutting Tools, EDM Wire cutting and the manufacturing of mold tools.

Today the machinery park at Nisula Oy has four EDM Wire cutting machines in use, these and future investments are a part of the company strategy. To be able to offer the latest technology, the best quality with safe and rapid deliveries.


Wire cutting is a high precision method for manufacture of parts for cutting tools and moulds accurate to dimension.

Additionally, wire cutting can be used in machining heat treated materials and hard metals. It is an excellent method for manufacture of complex components, as they can be custom-made to desired dimensions.

  • Punch tool parts
  • Die casting parts
  • Series, eg. wire cutting of compiled plates
  • Complex components requiring high precision

We use 4 modern wire cutters, and the larger of them has got a machining area of 550 x 370 x310 mm.

Machinery park

Wire EDM
• Fanuc robocut a-C400iB
• Fanuc robocut alfa-0ie
• Fanuc robocut @-0 i A X-320 Y-220 Z-180
• Fanuc robocut a-1ic 550 x 370 x 310 mm

Machining centre
• Hyundai-Wia F500 Plus
• Chevalier X-1020 Y-510 Z-510
• Johnford sv-41 X1050mm Y610mm Z610mm Renishaw OMP-60 workpiece measuring system and renishaw TS-27R contact tool setting system

Muut koneet
• Automatic Precision surface grinder 610x305mm
• Die sinking spark erosion machine Topedm TP-30 X-330 Y-230 Z- max väli 450
• Grinding machine
• Centre lathe
• Manual milling machines
• Surface grinding machine
• Vertical drills
• Welding and other equipment
• Wire cutting, die sink machining

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